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For those who are new to genealogy, there are (at least) three truths universally acknowledged:
1. pursuing family history is addictive
2. always record your sources, and
3. studying your genealogy is a task you will never really complete

In December 2002 I had a three month break, in between finishing Year 12 and starting my first year of University. During my lunch break at work, I visited the Newsagents and came across a guide to trace your family history online, complete with CD-ROM with a free genealogy database program.
This was the beginning of a long love affair, which continues today.

I've been trying for many years to compile all of my research with the intention of publishing a book however, over the past twelve years my research has steadily grown. Thus I've created this blog as a way to organise my research and make is accessible to family and friends, and anyone with an interest really.

It will primarily focus on ancestor and family profiles, and interesting stories I've uncovered along the way. I will also include interesting historical events contemporaneous with family members, events and happenings in the genealogical community, and useful hints and websites to help with your own genealogical research.

I look forward to sharing my research journey with you.

~ Louise


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